When do you get your shoe deal in mycareer

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in MyCAREER / MyPLAYER 4 years ago asked by user
Like in mycareer how many games do I play until my shoe deal.

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4 years ago answered by user
after 5 games you get to choose between nike and jordan

for your own signature sure, it's no set amount of games but it does take a while depending on how good of a player you are.  from what I've played, you gotta play at least some of the games instead of skipping them, and in those games do pretty good.  also try to get MVP, make all star teams, win the championship, reach some of the HOF goals, etc.  basically I think the game is looking for you to be a nba "star" and it needs you to achieve some stuff before it unlocks the signature shoes.  sometimes it takes a while for me, but I usually get the signature shoe in season 2 or 3, depending on how good my stats are and if the team is winning.  good luk!
1 year ago commented by user
i am a 8 champion on my career and i still dont got my shoes
1 year ago commented by user
I think it varies because iv played more than 5 games and I am just now getting deals from nike adidas and jordan
1 year ago commented by Isaiah
I am in season 3 and still never signed or even talked about getting one
1 year ago commented by 2k gamer
I am in season 4 and won 2 fianls 1 finals mvp an iv been sign with Nike since season 1
1 year ago commented by Amaridagoat⛹
I'm not sure because I play on xbox360 and it's different but I thinks it's gonna work
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4 years ago answered by user
don't sim games if you want shoe endorsement quicker
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4 years ago answered by user
if you sign with Nike/Jordan it will be after your 62nd game with NO simming.. if you sign with Adidas you will get it after game 58. Again no simming. This has been the case for all 3 of the players that I have that have a shoe endorsement.
2 years ago commented by user
How many games if you with under armour?
1 year ago commented by chub_nasty520
I got to make my shoes like 34 games into my 1st season step your game up and you will get then fast homie
1 year ago commented by Harut
That's literally when I got my shoe too. Averaging a triple double ain't easy but the perk is getting everything a lot quicker if you do.
9 months ago commented by user
I've gotten offers for sneaker deal after like game 15 no sim. But my problem is I didnt choose in the time frame so the game chose me to speak with Adidas. I keep denying the offer cuz I prefer nike. But after every 2 games Adidas keeps offering. Will I ever get offer from any others
9 months ago commented by YaoMingSon
I don’t buy VC
4 months ago commented by Jay
The same thing is happening to me, did you ever get offers from other shoe deals??
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4 years ago answered by user
play the games dont sim to get the shoe
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3 years ago answered by user
It Depends if the players who wears your sneaker is a fan and follows you on social media. But Im pretty shore it will happen.
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2 years ago answered by user
Can u lose  your shoe deal if you don't go to any meetings because I want sign with Nike I'm with Jordan
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2 years ago answered by j curry
you play 5 or more to get a shoe deal
1 year ago commented by user
Got my signature shoe in season 1 gotta ball to get them lol
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1 year ago answered by user
Yeah it’s kinda weird, I’ve gotten my signature shoe deal and I’m only like 53 games in but I’ve played all of them