Players should be allowed to decide how cap breaker points should be utilized to increase OVR!!!

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in MyCAREER / MyPLAYER 6 months ago asked by Daaman
Lastly, there is one SUPER IMPORTANT AREA that you mentioned that cannot be said it depends on how you use the points in the cap breaker but what you are not realizing is this: The points cannot be changed they are selected by the CPU and the player cannot unselect them and choose another! Therefore, I, or we the players do not have ANY control; over how fast or efficiently we can power up to raise our OVR! This is the problem this game SHOULD allow the player to decide how the points in each cap breaker should be utilized! This would eliminate these kinds of frustrations with this game, you must give the player control over how fast or slow they'll power up, just like the way you suggested to me but currently, we do not have that ability to pick and choose where the points will go! This is major can you guys patch this up???

Sincerely, your biggest fan

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