How many bars do a Pure stretch from 90 to 93 u gotta break

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in MyCAREER / MyPLAYER 5 months ago asked by user
How many bars do I gotta break from a 90 to 93?

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5 months ago answered by Goldenghost916 PSN
I’m on my second bar for 92 to 93 the rest were only one bar from 90 to 92
4 months ago commented by Goldenghost916 PSN
Well just finished my second bar and I’m still not a 93... I’ll keep y’all posted. 2k is starting to piss me off
4 months ago commented by Christian
It’s 3 bars to 93.
4 months ago commented by iLoveThatRonnieListensToUs
How about 90 to 91
10 hours ago commented by MrReyesX
das trassh are u for real doe?