Why do the NBA officials favor Labron James

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in NBA Basketball 10 months ago asked by user
I am not a big NBA fan but do watch more during playoff games.  It is evident that James gets away with shoving his defender off or just simply bulldoze over him, and officials let it happen.  No doubt he is a good player but nothing to compare with Jordan who had an outstanding career without the bulldozer.  I just sit and watched him run over a raptor defender who was standing as still as a mouse.  The official called a tripping foul on the defender.  The replay showed no such foul.  It is so evident that James is favored with his rough approach to the game.  If calls were made against his bulldozing over the defenders he would not be nearly as successful.  Someone needs to get his attention if the officials are not going to do their ***.

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10 months ago answered by boss22
Yup lebron james always been favored aka "superstar call". They need to get rid of any favoritism and call it all fairly. Plus he flops.