Sharps and defenders

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in MyCAREER / MyPLAYER 9 months ago asked by Sandy
This is more of a statement but 2k needs to fix sharpshooters and defenders. I feel sharpshooters are too OP especially pure sharpshooters. They shouldn't get as high moving shots as they do or handles. For one they are a SET SHOT SHOOTER not shot creators. So they should get must accuracy if they are dribbling too much or moving back and forth and pull up hence why they get the catch and shoot badge. And I know y'all give them some type of hidden attribute on defense. It kills the game how you treat these sharps and it kills the fun. With defenders y'all need to make it to where they are actually better on defense. Steals need to be more frequent and blocks. It's terrible when someone who has a defender not be be able to rip a playmaker. So what if their dribble is high. If a defender has gold pick pocket and 91 steals they should rip playmakers and everyone else easily. Stop killing the game with these sharps. Also I feel there should be more punisent for having long arms like they did in 2k17. Your contest should not be higher than your open. No one in the NBA shoots better covered than open. Not realistic at all,  same goes with speed with the ball. No one is fast dribbling than without a ball.

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