Whats the best way to get tips on how to level up a playmaking slasher

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in MyCAREER / MyPLAYER 10 months ago asked by Treshon
It's like i feel I'm like the only one trying to grind a playmaking slasher and it feel like I'm grinding for 97 like i just played a career game and only went up 1.8 percent because i have 15 out 20 badges maxed so i don't have a lot xp left to get . i done maxed my badges out like I'm suppose to at 99 you need to have 5 sliver badges to level up i been had that i been had my 9 bronze badges because that's the way i grind I'm not playing just to play every game I'm playing im working on badges to make my dude and it helps me learn how to play with my dude. So what y'all have just certain archetypes that can have the oppunity to be a 99 because the way im feeling like when i get to 95 or something i will be going up .4 for a career game so i can only imagine a park game that's the only reason I'm asking for help I'm a 91 right now about to be 92 it's not like I'm not trying it took my always a month to get off 90 when im playing everyday all day come on. That's not right

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10 months ago answered by user
put your game on pro and  12 minute quarters
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10 months ago answered by Gg
play pro am walkon and drop dimes. you get XP plus have fun playing vs online competition