Can you get non-archetype badges in gameplay for MyCareer in NBA 2K18?

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in MyCAREER / MyPLAYER 1 year ago asked by user
In NBA 2K18 MyCareer, you can get badges by getting points for it in the practice facility. (EXAMPLE: 12,000 Points for Bronze Dimer). Can you still get badges that your archetype doesn't have from gameplay? (EXAMPLE: 100 deep range shots while heavily contested for Limitless Range). Or can you only get badges that your archetype has?

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10 months ago answered by Peter
I'm wondering the same thing, did you figure it out?
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10 months ago answered by W
You can only get the badges that your archetype comes with, which is usually like 20+ badges.  You can't get all badges unless you made some offline 'create a player' that wasn't mycareer.
10 months ago commented by Peter
I would really like someone that is able to posterize somebody sometimes, break ankles, pick pocket, and shoot is that possible to get, how do I see EVERY SINGLE badge before I buy the game, here's a nyplaywr builder but it only shows some!