What does brand logos must be placed on top of all the other components

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When creating shoes

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7 months ago answered by Datschu
Is that really that difficult of a statement for y'all to figure out?? When you create your custom shoes... you create the shoe in LAYERS...  the leather, plastic, metal, mesh etc etc pieces that you can mix and match around the shoe frame and can color.... yeah those layers.... if you put the logo first then try to change the shoe around YOU CAN COVER THE LOGO.... so put the logos on LAST AFTER YOURE SATISFIED WITH WHAT YOUR SHOE LOOKS LIKE.... holy cow
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Honestly, the syntax behind the statement is incorrect when they say to put the logo ON TOP, but expect users to intrinsically know to place the layer ON THE BOTTOM of the order. Your pretentious attitude let’s us all know who needs a hug.
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Thanks homie
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You're a lifesaver
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Lmao!! Im with u
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3 months ago answered by Dean of you Dunces
This is hilarious. I find it so ******* funny that the people who have no idea what "ON TOP" means gets mad because the guy answered ur dumb *** question. Idk what on top means. I may know what other components are but logos ON TOP wtf does that mean?!?!
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1 month ago answered by Kevvmosos
Ok it's pretty simple....
Once you design your shoe
Go to "logo"
Hold triangle and move "logo" to the bottom of the list
That will allow you to save your shoe
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Thanks Bra Yo **** Work
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Thanks you man this **** was pissing me off
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No one begged you for a response idiot