How to fix error code 4b538e50? This happens EVERY time i turn the game on, its frustrating

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in NBA Basketball 1 year ago asked by user
This has happened all through 2k17 and now I just got 2k18 and the same happens.... it is very irritating. Literally everytime i turn on the game it can't connect me to the 2k servers. First is says I'm not online but my internet connection is on. Then says I need to be connected to xbox live which i am, i just purchased a new live membership two days ago. Those all are working but it still gives me error code 4b538e50. Ive searched and some people said roll through the credits to prompt an updates or play some play now games. But why should I have to do this every time I sign in and wait an hour or longer just to play the modes I want to play. Is something wrong with my 2K account i need to fix? I've sent tickets and requests to 2k numerous times about this issue in the past week or so but I've never gotten a response at all. Please help.

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1 year ago answered by b
yea I'm having the same problem, I don't know how to fix it