what are the Top 5 best jump shots for nba 2k16 my career

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I've been using

klay thompson
rudy gay
paul pierce

are there better ones? whats a $$$$$$ 2k16 jumper? thx

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So I'm gonna do it by position. I've found personally that some jumpsuits are wet for some while some are broke for the same people. There are also jump shots that are good enough to still be good for other positions. I've gone through jump shots w all positions at high 3 ratings. For example, I could be using my sg or pf w lamarcus Aldridge on quick and it'll be so broke I miss greens while w my pg and c I am able to make almost all of my shots. This is kind of a late post as 2k17 has been out for sometime but I still think 16 is better. Before 17 the best jumpshots were 51, 22, 83, 70, and 110 or so people said. Here's what I've found:

Point guards and centers: lamarcus Aldridge, 22(both on quick)
Shooting guards and power forwards: James harden and dirk nowitzki(both on quick)
Small forwards: Kevin durant, Rudy gay( normal or slow)
All positions: Paul pierce, klay Thompson
Some of these jumpshots do work just as well with other positions so feel free to try but not as well as others and some jumpshots are better on releases other than quick even though quick is probably the best and most commonly used

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